NBA 2k22 Season 6 Release Date And Updates

Nba 2k22 season 6 release date: When will the next season of NBA 2k22 release? What’s the date and time? What will be the new updates and features in season 6? These must be the most expected questions among NBA gaming users. Follow this article to find out when the next season of NBA 2k22, the 6th season will release.

As you all know the previous season was released on 25th Feb 2022. It’s almost a known fact that the next season will release exactly 6 weeks after the previous one. So the tentative release date for season 6 is expected to be between 6th-10th April, although it’s only speculative, you can expect it to become official very soon from the team.

The new season 6 promises to be a promising one with new rewards and updates, especially the fans are waiting for the theme feature and level 40 new rewards and also much more than that. With just a week to go for the new season launch, expect it to be a roller coaster ride.

Nba 2k22 Season 6: What’s New

NBA 2k22 Season 6 Release Date
NBA 2k22 Season 6 Release Date

In MyTeam & Career Rewards, you can expect more items for in-game use. Once you reach level 40, you can acquire the dark theme. You will also get a chance to play alongside prominent players like Paolo Banchero, and Kevin Durant in this new season. There will also be many new changes in the game’s theme. With several changes compared to the previous season, we can’t wait for this game, as you do.

Nba 2k22 Season 6 Release Date & New Features 

With the new rewards in My Career and exciting new rewards for level 40 users in MyTeam gaming mode, you are sure to experience a lot. Let’s see what Nba 2k22 season 6 has in store.


 Although there are lots of new features, Rewards, cosmetics items, Theme is also expected to be one among them. In season 5, there was power within the theme. In the 6th season, you can expect the theme to be a new one with customized changing options. Although the new theme has not been released yet, you can expect it to release before the launch of the next version.

My Team & My Career Rewards

You can expect new changes in this from season 6, New Badge Points, Animation Packs, Outfits, and apparel all these can be expected in this one. New Skin items can be accessed at level 40. There will also be more game modes in season 6 than compared to other ones.

Season 6 Locker Codes

The locker codes for next season are not announced yet, however you can expect NBA 2k22 season 6 Locker codes soon once it’s released. With that, you can start away from the game.


Here in this article, we have shared the most expected release date of NBA 2k22 season 6. When it will release, what’s the new update, and the features are all discussed here. I hope all of you are set to welcome the new season 6 in style, hope you all reach the next level and will win new rewards and challenges. With just a week to go for the launch, keep your fingers crossed and wait for its arrival.

We will come back with other updates about the same, once we get it and will share them here. Until then keep reading this and also our other articles. We will meet you soon with another interesting content. Share your queries and suggestions in the comment box, we will answer them there.

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