How to Get Free Credits in Rocket League: Best Trick

How to Get Free Credits in Rocket League: Rocket League Credits are used to purchase game accessories, passes, cosmetic items, outfits, etc., getting all of these require your currency or pass from your account. But what if these credits are available as freebies? Do you want to earn free credits? Then Swipe down to know more about this article.

Credits can be used to upgrade the royal pass. Credits are basically currencies in the game. You can’t unlock these credits by leveling up. However, you can get it using the royal pass.

It can be unlocked in the rocket league store. The credit ranges from $5 to 100$. You can’t share your Credits to your friends or anyone, but you can trade your balance in exchange for the same.

How to Get Free Credits in Rocket League: Working Trick

How to Get Free Credits in Rocket League
Get Free Credits in Rocket League

Getting these credits by purchasing using cash might not work for everyone, some people’s progress in the game slows down because of this. But however, there are many ways to get the credits for free. Let’s see how it can be acquired.

Free Credits in Rocket League: Rocket Pass

You can buy credits using rocket pass, by paying 1000 credits or $10, in exchange for this you will be able to buy credits. Then it will take you to the payment page, complete the payment there. And get the credits, with that you can purchase items.

Free Credits in Rocket League: Trading

Another easy option to get credits is by the trading method. You can simply trade your in-store items for exchange to get credits. But the thing is, you should have purchased more than 500 credits before this, only then you will be able to get through this method.

Free Credits in Rocket League: Redeem Using Codes

Free Credits in Rocket League
Free Credits in Rocket League

Of course, there are some promo codes too, you can use these codes to redeem some items directly on your account. Here I’ll share some codes, some will be active and some might have expired, better use them soon to redeem them.

  • rlnitro
  • Bekin
  • Popcorn
  • Shazam
  • Wrestlemania
  • Wwe18

How to Redeem Rocket league Promo Codes?

Redeeming these codes is a simple thing, go to options and click Redeem Code button and enter your unique code and redeem it.

Free Credits in Rocket League: Packs

You can buy Item pack bundles for credits, with this you can buy Many cosmetic items. It starts from $5 to 10$ and also with 500 credits, which is very easy to get it back.

Besides all these, you can purchase credits by paying the amount using your debit/credit card. Select your favorite item and purchase it from the menu. So, packs are another easy method to acquire credits.


So today we have come up with an article on how you can earn free credits in Rocket League using different methods. Try out each and every method and earn credits, with these credits you are sure to up your game and progress to the next level. 

Earn free credits by simply following all these procedures and also sharing them with your friends. Play regularly and complete more rewards and challenges. We will update you about other things once we get to know about them too. Hope you will read this article and find it useful.

Do have a look at our other articles too, which also you might find interesting. If you have any queries, doubts or suggestions do share them in the comment box, we will reply there. We will be back with another interesting article soon, until then keep following us for more updates.

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