Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations: Full Map Path

Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations: Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget is one of the new gadgets in Genshin Impact, to get this one you need to find the Lumenspar, which is a quest item found in underground areas, it’s a Shiny Ore typically Blue in color. It’s located in the underground part of the chasm region. Read this article to know more about it and also how to get it.

This ore is located in more than 80 locations. By getting this item, you can upgrade the Lumenstone adjuvant, thereby progressing to the next level.

Finding the location is not easy as it’s scattered all the way in underground. But you can explore the underground region and acquire the item, using a long rope to avoid falling. But before all these, you need to complete the treasure map and the chasm charters too. It can be found behind a mining area or as a puzzle, but with the help of the guide you can get to the location easily.

Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations
Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations

Genshin Impact Lumenspar Locations & Guide Map

The Lumenspar Will mostly be available in these areas, Stony Halls, Upside-down city, Nameless Ruins, Underground Water Way, The Chasm: Main Area, Teleport, etc.,

The ore is set be found in multiple locations and you need to explore those areas and acquire it in order to upgrade to the Lumenstone Adjuvant.

Lumenspar Locations in Genshin Impact

Lumenspar Locations in Genshin Impact
Lumenspar Locations in Genshin Impact

The first Lumenspar can be found on the south side of the underground, it will be seen behind a narrow valley. Fight your enemies and get the item 

Next, there is Lumenspar in the teleport area, there will be a group of enemies you must defeat and get them by passing through the tunnel.

There’s another Lumenspar on the west side of the main mining area. It will be found floating in the center of a wooden platform.

Another Lumenspar can be found in the north area of the ad-hoc tunnel, it will be locked behind the gate, pass through it , you will see it on the middle of the area with spider webs.

The next one is on the south side of the mining area, which is located on the rocks.

There’s also another one on the west side of the water area, swim through the water and acquire it.

There will be another 2-3 Lumenspar locations on the river area, it will be available on top of the pillar. 

And again towards the south of the teleport, you will be able to find another lumenspar location, for which you need to open the purple door and go through the door and find it.

On the underground waterway, there’s one available behind the metal gate and on the top of the wall behind the main camp.

On the west of the Stony Halls, there is another Lumenspar locations, use the rope to pass through the fallen tree and the ore will be found on the corner in a crystal shiny area.

There will be many Lumenspar locations hidden in Nameruins, one on the west and another on top of the hills, where you need to climb and go, with the others in the center.


So here we have shared more about the Lumenspar locations in Genshin Impact, this is used to get the latest added gadget Lumenstone Adjuvant.

Follow the location guides to get the Lumenspar and thereby getting it you can acquire the Lumenstone Adjuvant too. Do read this article and share your queries in the comment box. We will be back with another interesting topic soon.

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