Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin Release Date in Chapter 3

Is Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin Release Date announced? When will it release? What are the chances of it getting released? These must be the questions running on fans’ minds right now, ever since the passing of Juice Wrld, the Rapper. But as of now, it’s not been announced yet officially. Swipe down to know more about its release date.

But can keep their fingers crossed and wait with lots of expectations, as the new season is set to be released only in September 2022. So there are very high chances that, the Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin will be a part of this season.

Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin Release Date: Full Info Here

Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin release date
Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin release date

Right now there are only rumors being spread about its release date, still nothing official from the team. As far as we are concerned, an agent of Juice Wrld is most likely to have a meet-up with Epic Games which will be kept confidential. Many discussions will be done in the meeting including the launch of Juice Wrld Fortnite skin.

And if both the parties come to an agreement and if everything falls in place, you can really expect the official release update of Juice Wrld from them. While the Epic Games launched a teaser of Rift Fortnite, they used the song of Juice Wrld. So all these led to the rumors of Juice Wrld coming into Fortnite skin finally. Hope all these rumors come to fruition.

Though it’s almost sure that it won’t be available in Season 2, Chapter 7, you can expect it to be in the next season for sure. As that would be the best ever tribute one can give to the rapper.

Peter Jideonwo, the manager of Juice Wrld has also revealed that they are constantly in touch with the Epic Games for the release of Juice Wrld skin in Fortnite. He recently revealed on Twitter about this too, 

“We definitely need Juice WRLD on Fortnite. We’ve been trying our hardest and that’s also a work-in-progress – we’ve actually got a meeting. I think it’s next Thursday if I’m not mistaken – Tuesday or Thursday with Epic. Epic makes Fortnite game so if y’all want to…

Juice WRLD Fortnite skin
Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin Release Date

I really think it’ll be cool because I think they definitely… obviously everyone on Fortnite loves Juice and ‘Come & Go’ was a huge record on Fortnite, so I think it really fits. So if y’all want to go and hit up the people at Epic Games and Fortnite; y’all should definitely do that too.”

These are the words revealed by him in his video. 

Conclusion on Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin

The needed update about the Juice Wrld Fortnite Skin release date has been shared. You all might not be fully happy with the update, but that’s the current update as of now. Once there are any further updates from the team officially, we will be sharing them here. But you all can really keep your hopes high that the much-needed Juice Wrld’s skin will be getting launched soon on Fortnite, as the makers are working hard for that each and every day.

Once the negotiations are done you can expect a piece of positive and good news from the team. Until keep reading this article and also other articles which might also interest you. Do share your comments in the comment box and your queries will also be answered there.

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