NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working ! New Fix Issue

NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working: Today I am going to tell you about an application that you use for face scanning in NBA 2k22. There are some technical problems with it right now, such as your face is not being scanned, so what will you have to do for that?

What are the steps to be followed after which your NBA 2k22 face scan will start? So let’s start our process and tell you what is the problem, after fixing it you will be able to scan NBA 2k22 face.

NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working

First of all, I am telling you some methods, after which you will scan your face then it will be confirmed scan first thing is the camera of some devices, it is not capable enough to scan a face.

For this, you have to use your rear camera because its lens is also better and the front camera that has it can spread but the rear camera is less likely to spread.

This is the application, it does not work well with Android, but friends, it is a very good combination with iOS, it has many bugs with Android, due to which sometimes the device’s camera does not work in this application or sometimes the app crashes itself.

NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working
NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working

For any game, you need to scan your face, it was not like in the old version, the new version that has come now is NBA 2K22, in this, you have to upload your face. It is necessary to upload it for every game.

NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working

Before proceeding, I would like to tell you that whatever we have told above, you should know all that then only you will be able to fix it.

To scan the face your head needs a lot to be still if it is not fixed then the camera will not be able to scan after which you will see this error day by day so keep in mind that the error will come only when you Will do some mistake.

Have to follow the following and you will be able to fix it?

At the time of face scanning, you have to keep your camera in front of your fans and do not bring your hair in the middle of the face, it will be difficult to scan in the camera.

NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working
NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working

You have to move your head a little to the left and a little to the right, after which you will see an image highlighted, in which you will see the 14 images below, if it is not visible then you will have to scan again.

If you are facing any problem in uploading then first of all you have to capture a photo of yourself and see below that 14 images are visible you also have to determine that your internet is connected then only these images will be uploaded.

Import NBA 2K22 Face Scanned Before

At the top or at the bottom you will see the option of ahead in which you have to scan your face and keep in mind that whenever you scan your face, it will be 100% then your photo will turn green.

NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working
NBA 2k22 Face Scan Not Working

NBA 2K22 Face is the old version, in that you have to select the neighborhood by going to My Appearance. And you also have to specify there which console you want to take it, then you have to click on the new-gen console there Appreance labeled as My Player.

I am sure that whatever you had with this tip and guide, the problem of the NBA 2k22 face scan not working will be solved, if it is still not solved then you can comment us.

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