Free Fire Max Login Problem VPN: 101% Fixed

Free Fire Max Login Problem VPN: If you have just installed Free Fire Max and you are not able to open it, there is some strange type of error when you are trying to log in as I show you the same message here I am “Limited Test Has Ended” you will see this problem and your VPN is also not working. So how you can fix it as soon as possible, we will go about it in this article.

Why Free Fire Max Won’t Open?

Free Fire Max is not launched in India that’s why we can’t log in to it directly. We have to use a lot of VPNs and there are some VPNs that do not work at all, so a separate VPN comes for it.

You can use it from any country by using it but at present, the VPN for the max version of this free fire game is not working, so how can we make it work and how can we fix it can?

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How to Fix Login Problem in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max Login Problem VPN

If you are not able to login into Free Fire Max, then first of all you have to change your account in it and create a new ID. As soon as you create your ID, you have to log in to it and see it. If it is login then it is your id problem and if login is not done then you can uninstall your game and install it again or clear its data. Apart from this, you can also update your app by going to the App Store.

The version of Free Fire Max currently cannot be used here in India because it has not been launched for our India, due to which you may face a lot of problems and problems related to login. In this, you can log in with VPN installed. But there are some reasons why sometimes even PN does not work.

You can use a Malaysia server to run Free Fire Max. First of all, you have to clear play store data, after that, you will go to the play store and download a VPN which we have explained in detail below. So after downloading this VPN, whatever step I am going to tell you, you have to follow it.

Free Fire Max Login Problem VPN

See, what happens sometimes is that an app gets cached or Free Fire itself doesn’t accept a VPN. Due to this, there are some VPNs that cannot be used at all in Free Fire Max, but there is a VPN that you can use for Free Fire Max and solve whatever problem you have.

So first of all you have to go to the play store and search their Malaysia VPN as soon as you download Malaysia VPN you have to connect it with the Malaysia server using your VPN

After that, you have to clear the data of your play store. As soon as you clear your play store data. You have to create a new email account, after that, you will log in with the same email in Free Fire Max because we are using the Malaysia server, then according to that your new Gmail account will be created in the Malaysia server, due to which you can log in to it. You can easily log in to Free Fire Max and enjoy using it.

I hope that whatever login problem you were facing related to Free Fire Max VPN got fixed. If it is not fixed, then tell us in the comment what problem you are facing, after which we will publish a new article.

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