Best Controller Settings for Apex Legends Mobile

Best Controller Settings for Apex Legends Mobile: Getting the best setting for any game is a very important yet very difficult task to do. Something that every gamer struggles with is their settings. One wrong move of your fingers can cost you the game.

Today we will be discussing with you guys the best settings for apex legends mobile. Let’s take a look at the settings that allow you to be the best Apex Legends Mobile player in the game.

For perfecting your legend in Apex Legends Mobile, honing your aim, and learning places are all crucial in the quest for victory in Apex Legends, mobility reigns supreme. It can mean the difference between winning a shootout and being disappointed when you return to the lobby.

First, jump into the basic settings.

Basic Controller Settings for Apex Legends Mobile:

Best Controller Settings for Apex Legends Mobile
Best Controller Settings for Apex Legends Mobile


  • Aim Assist: On
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Firing Mode: Release To Fire
  • Auto-Ads When Using A Bolt-Action Sniper: Off
  • Shotgun Firing Mode: Tap To Fire
  • One-Tap Ads And Fire: Off
  • Secondary Fire Button: On


  • Ads Mode: Tap
  • Quick Throw: On
  • Scope Mode: Classic Mode

Gyroscope Settings

  • Gyroscope Mode: Off
  • Invert Horizontal Control: Off
  • Invert Vertical Control: Off
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Best Controller Settings for Apex Legends Mobile

  • Auto Firing: Off
  • Weapon Auto-Cycle On Empty: On
  • Ads Button Rotates Camera: On
  • Quick Optic Switch: Off
  • Permanent Melee Display: Off
  • Continuous Throwing: On
  • Tactical Ability Release Method: Classic
  • Ultimate Use Method: Classic

Gameplay Settings

  • Auto Open Door: On
  • Ping Button: On
  • Double Tap The Screen To Ping: Off
  • Map Radar Alert: On
  • Crosshair Radar Alert: On
  • Toggle Between Third–Person /First Person: On
  • Fpp Fov: 97
  • Tpp Fov: 97

Movement Settings

  • Use The Crouch Button To Rotate The Camera: On
  • Use The Jump Button To Rotate The Camera: On
  • Climbing Control Mode: Classic
  • Crouching Controls: Tap
  • Joystick Triggers Auto Run: Off

Advanced Controller Settings for Apex Legends Mobile Options:

  • Auto Open Chests: On
  • Auto Ping Items: On
  • Auto Ping Enemies: On
  • Left Ping Button: Off
  • Quick Ping: On
  • Ability Screen Shake Effects: Off
  • Smart Healing Item Recommendation: On
  • Toggle To Use Healing Items: On
  • Continuously Use Health Items: On
  • Continuously Use Shield Battery: On
  • Vertical Zip Line Interact Button: Off
  • Vertical Zip Line Direction Tips: On
  • Riding On Zipline Modes: Double Tap

Sound Setting

  • Adjust Sound As You Like Or Just Leave It As It Is(Built-In)


  • Rotation Mode: Fixed Speed
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: On
  • Overall Sensitivity: Custom
Battle Feedback
  • Adjust To Yourselves

Pickup Setting

  • Auto Pickup: On
  • Auto Pickup Interval: Short
  • Hold To Toggle Interval: Short
  • Hide Pickup List During Combat: On

These are the best controller settings for Apex Legends Mobile recommended setting you can change according to your need. For more Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks keep searching on google for Gamingacharya content.

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