PUBG 1.9 Release Date, Features and Patch Notes

PUBG 1.9 Release Date, features and Patch Notes: Are you a fan of PUBG? Surely if you are a gamer the answer will be yes. The game is played worldwide. Its popularity reaching new heights day by day.

So in this article, We will be reading about PUBG 1.9 Release Date features Patch Note.


According to the updates PUBG is soon going to launch their latest update in the market. This may be a gift for all the gamers that PUBG now will come with lots of changes and new features.

As per the latest update, 1.9 come in the market with a remaster map.

But as the new 1.9 update, leaves all the players excited and in curiosity that the upcoming version comes with more creative features.

So as of now, this article will help you a lot. I will be providing you with all the necessary detail regarding the PUBG mobile 1.9 update and all the details regarding the features.

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PUBG 1.9 Release Date: Check full Details

PUBG 1.9 release date

As of now, PUBG mobile 1.9 will be arriving soon. It might take two months for PUBG mobile 1.9 launch in the market. We all know that the PUBG mobile developer always introduces all the new updates every two months. Right now it’s not confirmed that when will be the version will get introduced in the market. But many of the leaks have been unveiled.

The Chinese version of this game can be the reason behind this. The name of the Chinese game is “Game for peace”.

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PUBG 1.9 Update Date And Features

  • You will be thinking that right now 1.8 didn’t come into the market but we are talking about 1.9. That’s right we are providing you with all the information regarding the 1.9 features.
  • So talking about the feature of 1.9 PUBG updates.
  • Wherefore the game will now come with the new map. And the name of the map will be ‘Resort Island’. As of now, we can say this map can be the smallest map of PUBG to date.
  • In other words, this map will be the smallest map of the game which is ever come in BGMI and other games.
  • Just now it is said that there will be the shortest number of players which will be added up in this map. And we can say that you will be enjoying this very much.
  • The size will be one by one(1/1)  kilometres that are a thousand metres approximately.
  • This makes this map awesome and very cute in appearance.
  • The map will be vibrant and colourful in looking. And we will be assuming that this map will be more smooth as compared to other maps.
  • The Resort Island Map is very amaal in the area so it will work smoothly. A very short number of players will be added to this map.
  • There is a total of 32 players who can play on this map and a total of eight squads who can be added to this map.
  • Yeah it’s quite a small number as compared to the other but you won’t be feeling any lacking point and you won’t regret it.
  • There are many new cars and many guns which will be going to add in this PUBG 1.9.
  • You will be going to see a swimming pool over there.
  • For now, this game is under the Beta version.
  • In this, you will be going to see new cars and There will be a new monster truck.
  • As of now this resort Island map will be the most vibrant map you will ever see as compared to the other map in PUBG.
  • You will get to see different abilities on this map.
  • There will be a new bike which has been added into the game the name of the bike is Cord b. It has four tyres.
  • We are assuming that there will be a gun that is going to introduce in the game. The name of the gun is P90.
  • It’s going to be the drwak weapon. It will be the most powerful gun in the game and you will enjoy it while playing with this. You will be able to see this gun in drawk only.

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Grenade Effects

You will get to see some changes in the grenade effect. The PUBG Mobile Team will add a new branded switch button. While playing the game you will be able to pick up the genade faster.

Changes In Grenade
  1. Damaged caused by the grenade will be increased.
  2. Damage of the Frag Grenade will be decreased.
  3. Effective range
Updates related to Crossbow
  1. According to the updates, the crossbow in the game will get upgraded.
  2. You will be able to see a fire crossbow. Using a crossbow you can burn out the houses and the bushes over there which make this feature more cool and awesome.

You will get the upgraded zipline. With the help of zipline, you will be able to move from one place to another.

Swimming Pool

Talking about the swimming pool as I said earlier if you get into the swimming pool your health will get failed.

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The Gun

Whereas about the p19 can you will get to see it in the drwak. That damage caused by the gun will be hazardous and very high.

You can load 50 shots in one round.

You will get to see fit two scopes in this: The first is the Normal Scope and another one is the Auto Scope.

Auto Revive

Jumping on the auto revive option so if you start playing the game and by chance, you get shot to death by mistake and any one of your enemies shot you down.

With the help of the chopper present there you will get automatically revived into the game in the upcoming 15 seconds. That means with the help of the chopper you get the chance to revive again.


So in this article, I wrote about the PUBG 1.9 release date patch note. The upgraded feature will be seen in the upcoming version of PUBG. No doubts this will be going to give you the best experience. Also, you will enjoy playing on the resort Island and you will be able to use all the guns and bikes present in the game.

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