BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards ! New Leaks

BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards Leaks: Currently BGMI has millions of players all over the world. Players always wait for the royal passes and the rewards they are getting in the game which will be going to help them a lot in the game. Leaks always give an idea that what we will be getting in the upcoming events whether it is rewards or royal passes. BGMI will reach the next Royal Pass in the next coming weeks. Right now the M9 Royal pass is currently available for the player of BGMI.

Talking about the leaks there are numerous leaks in the system related to players. As of today, we will be talking about the BGMI M9 Royal Pass Reward And Leaks in this article.

So today we will be discussing each and every segment of BGMI Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks. Likewise for buying Elite Royal Pass players need 360 UC and if we are talking about the Elite Plus Royale Pass you will be needing 960 UC. It’s just a basic thing!

BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards Leaks
BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards Leaks

BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards Leaks

As leaks are those which are present in the system and are numerous in number. But in this article, you will be reading about all the in game stuff and the upcoming royale pass rewards leaks. So lets get started with  the article and learn about the forthcoming BGMI M9 Royal Pass Rewards leaks.

Talking about the habit of Krafton bgmi always bounce back and surprise player with their new Royal Pass and upcoming rewards. Now as a part of new Royal pass player will be able to enjoy the new diversification of prizes.

If we talk about the Month 9 Royal Pass according to the presented leaks, their will be new goddies which will be included in the game so that you can have a better game exposure.  Headgear would be offered for 5RP as normal. There has been a lot of discussion about a new plane skin and many more.

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BGMI M9 Royal Pass

    1. Cactus Constable Set
    2. UMP45 gun skin rewards
    3. Mk14 Gun skin
    4. Scarlet Ranger Cover
    5. Magic Box Backpack Skin
    6.  Peak Performance Scar-L Gunskin
    7. Play Date QBU Gun Skin

On tree players will be able to set camp if we are Looking back to the leaks. And the cherry on the cake thing is this feature will come in the New Mod, and this is a cool thing, But before you set any expectation there is no official statement has been made by the Krafton till now if we talks about the new mod feature but yeah… we will be informing you shortly after we get the confirmation from the community. By camping on the tree players will have a strong likelihood in classic mode. This all information is related and according to the leaks till now.

BGMI M9 Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks

  1. M9 1 Rp: New Outfit
  2. BGMI 5 RP: Parasuit Skin
  3. M9 10 RP: Helmate Skin
  4. M9 15 RP: Granade Skin
  5. M9 RP 20: Parasuit Skin
  6. M9 RP 25: Outfit for free
  7. M9 Rp 30: Buggi Skin and Mythic Emote
  8. M9 RP 35: M762 Skin
  9. M9 RP 40: M416 New Skin
  10. M9 RP 50: Mythic Outfit

These all are the rewards which is expected in the upcoming M9 Royale Pass Reward according to the leaks.

Final Thought

At last today we have talked about the BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards Leaks. we have provided each and every details you need to know about the leaks and Royale pass. Even these all are the details which we provided in this article is all related to the leaks which are on the internet. So lets hope that what we expect we surely get in the upcoming event.

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