BGMI M9 Release Date ! M9 1 To 50 Royal Pass Rewards

BGMI M9 Release Date ! M9 1 To 50 Royal Pass Rewards : Currently BGMI has millions of players all over the world. Players always wait for the royal passes and the rewards they are getting in the game which will going to help them a lot in the game. Leaks always gives an idea that what we wil be getting in the upcoming events whether it is rewards or the royal passes. BGMI will reach to the next Royal Pass in the next coming weeks. Right now the M9 Royal pass are currently available for the player of BGMI.

Talking about the leaks there are numerous of leaks in the system related to players. We will be discussing all the possible details which is important for you to know about BGMI M9 royale pass rewards and release dates.

BGMI M9 1 To 50 Royal Pass Rewards

So today we will be discussing about the each and every segment of BGMI Royal Pass Rewards and Leaks. like wise for buying Elite Royal Pass players need 360 UC and if we are talking about the Elite Plus Royale Pass you will be needing 960 UC. Its just a basic thing! Do without any further ado! lets get started.

Now we will talk about the BGMI M9 1 to 50 Royal Pass Rewards we will be listing all the reward you will be getting in BGMI M9. After getting this rewards all the things will going to help you in the game and also increases your game exposure very well.

BGMI M9 Royale Pass Rewards Leaks

Here is the list of BGMI M9 1 to 50 Royal Pass Rewards. You will surely gonna like it:

  • Bgmi M9 1th Royal Pass Rewards is an Outfit

This is an outstanding outfit you will get in the M9. You will surely gonna like it.

  • Bgmi M9 2nd Royal Pass Rewrds is Helmet Skin

This helmet skin is funky and will gonna save your head  from any serious injuries.

  • M9 Royal Pass 3rd Rewards is New Bugge

This, Brand new Bugge in C2S4 M9 Rewards.

  • Bgmi M9 4th Rewards is Brand New M762 Gun Skin

  • Bgmi M9 Royal Pass 50 RP Rewards

So these are the rewards you might be getting in M9 Royal Pass.

BGMI M9 Release Date

As of now it is expected that at Indian Standard Time 5:30 AM bgmi M9 will be releasing on 18 march 2022. This will be available for the the android and ios users. In order to gain ranking in the new season for higher intension and new Rewards, all the gamers should buy Royal Pass. As the popularity of the game is very high the starting date for the royal pass will be 18 march 2022 and the end date for the royal pass will be 19 march 2022. 

BGMI M9 1 To 50 Royal Pass Rewards

Price Of BGMI M9 Royal Pass In India

It is said that the gamers are more excited for the M9 Royal Pass as compared to the M8 Royal pass. And according to the news the M9 Royal pass will be available at a low prices. According to leaked information, gamers would have to pay 360 UC for the Elite Royal Pass, while the Elite Royal Pass Plus will cost only 960 UC as from M1 Royal Pass.


Summing up at the last of the article today we have done the details related to the BGMI M9 Royal Pass like the  1 to 50 RP rewards ad the release date for the bgmi M9. If you have any question regarding this article you can drop it in the comment box.

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