New Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin in Chapter 3

Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin Chapter 3: Welcome back to site techies! so today our article is going to help you alot. We are going to taking a look at the brand new Queen Of Hearts Skin in Fortnite the item shop. Basically this queen of hearts come with a wrap and we don’t see any sort of pick axe or Back bling which is kind of bummer. They also bring a guff back. And you dont have the guffs. As Fortnite never leaves a chance to amaze their customer.

Due to its popularity all around the world Fortnite always releases new updates and skins time to time which always give amusement to the players. Getting back to the topic we highly recommend this queen of hearts Fortnite skin. It’s just going to be the best of for you.

So without any further ado! let’s get started. In this article we are going to discuss lots of things and information which will surely going to help you alot if you  are curious to know more about the Queen Of Hearts Fortnite skin. The Fortnite Battle Royale added this character outfit on 1 February 2022. And the release date for the outfit is 7 february 2022 and now it is available.

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Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin Chapter 3

Good Thing! it does comes with a back bling. Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin is a part of the Royale Flush Set. You guys will surely gonna impressed by this skin. She has spikes on her heels. That’s actually so cool. You will be able to se a creepy look by her face. She kind of gives me a coraline vibes with the eyes.

Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin
Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin

There are backbling hearts abound with awesome colour scheme. On the occasion of valentine and if we are talking about the hearts the house always win. If you actually take a look from a closer aspect the back is made up off playing cards which is pretty cool. According to me this Queen Of Hearts gives a little bit look of alice in wonderland vibes too.

You guys can cop her for 1200 V bucks. Let’s slap that skin on and the backbling and the we’re also going to be getting this wrap. The Regal Hearts isn’t reactive but it does match with the queen of hearts fortnite skin. You will get this for 300 V bucks. You really gonna digging the spike center too thats looks awesome.

As talking about this rare Fortnite outfit. The queen of hearts. We think this skin really done very well. You guys will surely gonna loce this skin. No doubts!

Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin
Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin

Royale Flush Set

Here we are providing you a details summary that what you will going to have in the Fortnite Royale Flush Set. Basically this set contains four Cosmetics thats are broken up into

  • One Outfit [Queen Of Hearts]
  • One Harvesting Tool [ Mace Of Hearts]
  • One Wrap [ Regal Hearts]
  • One Backbling [ Hearts Abound]

And Hence, we can say that its very cool and authentic.  You guys should give a chance to this creepy and dreamy Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin. Not only this the Cosmetic set is also cool. After trying this outfit in – game I can say the colour scheme is ok ok not so very fabulous but still it good. after getting this skin you can try thi with different backblings.


A final thought on the Queen Of Hearts Fortnite Skin its kind of a lot but lots of less in some aspects. There’s some really creative stuff you can do with queen of hearts. The paints and stuff actually looks very cool and then the backbling with the hearts abound.

So techies! Thats all about the new skin of fortnite. If you have any query regarding this article you can surely drop it in the comment section.

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