How To Get Dark Skully Skin In Fortnite

How To Get Dark Skully Skin In Fortnite:  Dark Skully Skin looks so clean and sick. Basically, it is a dark series outfit in Fortnite. It is exclusive to the Xbox series as a bundle. And dark skully skin was released on November 30. You can find this dark skully skin item on the Walmart website.

In this article, we will be reading about how to get dark skully skin in Fortnite. The dark skully skin looks so attractive and cool. So keep on reading this article to get in touch with your answer that has to get the dark skully Skin in Fortnite. We will be providing you with all the necessary detail on Dark Skully Skin. So without any further ADO let’s get started.

Basically from the darkening set Dark skully Skin is the one who is firstly added in the Fortnite outfit. Dark Skully Skin will prove to be an epic Fortnite outfit that came from the dark series. We will be discussing all the necessary details related to the dark skully skin so if you want an appropriate answer get in touch with our today’s tutorial.

Name – Dark Skully Skin

Type – Fortnite Skins

Gender – Female 

Chapter – Chapter 2 

Season – Season 4

Last Seen – N/A

How To Get Dark Skully Skin In Fortnite:

Dark Skully Skin In Fortnite
Dark Skully Skin In Fortnite

Xbox is considered to be an important platform for the live service game. And it is surprising that Fortnite will be collaborating with Xbox. In Walmart Canada, a new Xbox series X bundle is founded by Khal Drago YT. You can find the Rocket League Cosmetics and Fortnite cosmetics in that Xbox series as a bundle. And the bonus point of this is you can find the Dark Skully Skin in that also.

So basically you have to buy an Xbox series S because that’s the only way you guys are able to get the Dark Skully Skin in Fortnite. Many of the players got it for themselves. Talking about it Xbox it’s basically a bundle which the bundle is called the Midnight drive back but people just remember it as the Dark Skully Skin because it is a skin name.

You can actually get the bundle for Rocket League. But the Xbox series S is worth it. The price of the Xbox stays the same which Xbox Series S has always been $300.

From what we can see, the Bundle includes:

Xbox Series S (512GB)
Xbox Controller (robot white)
Fortnite: Dark Skully Outfit
Fortnite: Dark Skully Satchel Back Bling
Fortnite: Dark Splitter Harvesting Tool
Fortnite: 1,000 V-Bucks
Rocket League: Purple Masamune Car
Rocket League: Purple Virtual Wave Boost
Rocket League: Purple Zefram Wheels
Rocket League: 1,000 Credits

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Cosmetic Items You Will Found In Set Darkening:

Talking about the cosmetic items. You will get 9 cosmetic items in the darkening set. These are – 

  • Dread Omen – 1500 V bucks
  • Dread Fate – 1800 V Bucks
  • Dark Skully – Outfit
  • Dark Skully Satchel – Back Bling
  • Dread Shroud – Back Bling
  • Dread Shield – Back Bling
  • Dark Splitter – Harvesting Tool
  • Dread Strikers – Harvesting Tools
  • Dread Oracle Axe – 1200 V bucks


In today’s article, we discuss all the content related to how to get the dark skully skin in Fortnite and the basic details related to the dark skully skin in Fortnite. Let’s get in touch with our articles for reading such detail.

If you have any queries you can drop them in the comment section. As dark skin looks amazing and Epic. And from my personal point of you should give it a shot. It looks so funky along with its Cosmetic.

Frequently Asked Question.

Can I get the Dark Skully Skin Elsewhere?

Why there is no official wave of getting the dark skully skin apart from the Xbox series s bundle. If you try to buy this dark skully skin illegally from anywhere it will be probably cost a lot of money.

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