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Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards To support their community, Brawlhalla provide rewards which are known as well as Brawlhalla  Viewership Rewards. Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards often held when the the developer hosts Brawlhalla streams with professional players or even during official e-sports events. You can find all the details related to to Brawlhalla on your ship rewards in that they work and how can you redeem them is included.

Keeps on reading this article we will be going to discuss all the details which is required and necessary for you to know regarding the brawlhalla Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards , their upcoming events and current events.

What is Viewership Rewards In Brawlhalla?

Mammoth coins , is the own currency of brawlhalla. For using this currency you need to buy it. Some time it is not possible to buy all the skin you want in game.

These Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards has been introduced which provide you viewership rewards when you watch their streams this brawlhalla viewership rewards include limited edition skins emote weapon skins and cosmetic items.

Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards
Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards

Current Tracks

Winter Championship ’22 Week 1

. Currently the Championship which is active from the first week of 2022 winter Championship on January 28 to January 30 2022

Level 1

Reward – Esport v.2 Color

Hours watched – 2 hours

Required point – 120 points

Level 2 

Rewards – Winter Shard 2022 Avatar

Hours Watched – 5 hours.

Required points – 300 point

Level 3 

Reward – E-sports v.2 Color

Hours Watched – 8 hours

Required Points – 480 points

Level 4

Reward – E-sports v.2 Color

Hours Watched – 12 Hours

Required point – 720 points

Level 5 

Reward – Dark Conjurers

Hours Watched – 18 Hours

Required points – 1080 Points

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Upcoming Tracks

Winter Championship ’22 Week 2

The Winter Championship ’22 – Week 2 will be progressive during the second week  of the 20 Winter Championship from February 4th to February 6th, 2022.

Level 1

Reward – E-sports v.2 color

Hours Watched – 2 hours

Required points – 120 point

Level 2

Reward – E-sports v.2 color

Hours Watched – 5 hours

Required points – 300 point

Level 3

Reward – E-sports v.2 color

Hours Watched – 8 hours

Required points – 480 point

Level 4

Reward – Frosted Title

Hours Watched – 12 hours

Required points – 720 point

Level 5

Reward – Sidekick Souvenir Orb ( orb skin )

Hours Watched – 18 hours

Required points – 1080 point

[ Note: this provided data is only based on the current available information. This ke dual of tracks and Championship can be changed based on the decision of brawlhalla developers. ]

Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards – How Do It Works?

What are the system for worship reward only works for twitch. You don’t have access on YouTube for now. When you unlock different level you will gain point for each track. You will be rewarded with different rewards at each level. Every awards are noted after 5 minutes.

Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards
Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards

Levels On Track:

There are different sets of rewards at each track. But sometime they can be same simultaneously. After watching this stream you will gain point and automatically you will level up.


Inventory you will also have this on the tab decide levels of each track. Pradesh inventory helps you to manage all the rewards you have claimed in brawlhalla view should awards.

Viewership Rewards Tracks:

Every week you will find different kind of tracks in brawlhalla. You won’t make any progress if you miss any track so there is no way to make a progress on it. Current stream will only have the count in the current track running.

How To Redeem Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards.

You just need to follow these simple steps in order to redeem the Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards.

  • Visit the brawlhalla account.
  • Now go to the store.
  • Click on the redeem code
  • Now enter the code from your Brawlhalla Viewership Reward track.
Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards : Notable Rewards.
  • Esports v.2 Colors
  • E-sports Colors
  • Imperial Rocket
  • Community Colors
  • Pizza Taunt
  • Salt Taunt

Final Thought

We have provided all the details which is necessary for you to know about the brawlhalla we worship rewards. If you have any query you can drop your thoughts in the comments box we will be get back to you soon.

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