High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile

High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile:  In this article, we will be discussing the High Tier Loot Zones COD mobile. It is the most popular question which is asked by the gamers that what is the High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile and what is the location of High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile.

So let’s get started without any delay. We will be providing you with all the necessary detail you need to know about the High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile.

What is High Tier Loot Zones COD mobile:  Detailed Information

High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile
High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile

As everyone knows COD mobile is very popular among Gamers and has won thousand of Hearts all over the globe. Many of the players and Gamers are curious to know about the High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile. So basically the developers of COD adds up a lot of new weapons and features to the COD. And it is amusing all the players around the globe.

Not only weapons and features developers of COD also added a number of locations throughout the map that gives the player a High Tier Loot and lots of Perks in the game for example helicopters. The area in which you find great loot and weapons in the game is known as the High Tier Loot Zones. The area that has been in orange color can be considered and identified by the player for the High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile.

For entertainment, the players of the COD developer also added some helicopters in the game. That will allow the player to roam here and there on the map easily. With the help of a helicopter, your traveling becomes very easy in the game.

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Spawn Location of Helicopter:
  • Nuke town
  • Farm rocks
  • Sakura
  • Nuclear plants
  • Kill house
  • Practise Range
  • Countdown

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High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile: Where are these zones

There are lots of reasons which reflect why a player seeks out the High Tier Loot zones COD mobile. The most considerable reason behind most players seeking out the reason is to complete the target locked task that says that ” Land in High Tier Zones 5 times.” After completing the task you will be rewarded with cool prizes and awards.

High Tier Loot Zones COD Mobile: Location

In this article, we will be providing the location on the map that you can go through for the start of a match in order to get rewards.


Sofia the First location which is very nearest after you are dropped off from the plane is Paya. In this location, it is said that there are many of the items which are looted in this location.

Practise Range.

The practice range is the second location which is nearest when you dropped off from the plane is stopped it is very popular for the high lewdzone because here you find a heavy amount of weapon armors and vehicles that you need in the game.

Cell house.

This is the third location you can check after entering into the game. It is said that this location is having a high amount of dilutes it has very good arms. It is very cloudy because of its nature. It is situated in the middle of the sea.

After landing in the game we prefer you to land on the ceiling check the hole on the ceiling that will bring you directly into the building where you can find High Loot items

Parade Grounds

This location is the same as these Cell houses. The chances of getting high loots are less but you can check in this.


Last location Which we suggest you find high tier loot zones COD mobile is Factory. The factory is well known for the High Loot location because it is easy to locate. You can find lots of heavy weapons there. But the condition is you have to loot hard enough. You will meet some serious firemen.


The final thought on this article is we have provided you with all the possible locations from where you can find the High Loot Zones COD Mobile you can see in the comment box and stay connected for such articles in the future.

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