When Will Premium Crate BGMI Coming?

When Will Premium Crate BGMI Coming? As the new season begins at the end of the previous season, we see a lot of changes in premium and classic crates as well. New outfits l, parachute, skins and many more we can buy them from these crates.

Here we will be discussing the new outfits and skins in premium and classic crates and their release date also.

Next Premium Crate BGMI Release Date

When Will Premium Crate BGMI Coming
When Will Premium Crate BGMI Coming

BGMI has removed the classic and premium crates as well and added some new crates named BGMI lucky crates etc. Players want to know when the new premium crate is coming and how the new premium crates are going to be. So, here we will be discussing all-new premium crates outfits, new skin. You can see the release date of the next BGMI premium crate below.

The release date of the new BGMI classic crate will be 20th January after the expiration date of the current classic crate. The premium crate will be launched by 21st January at the end of the current premium crate.

Players will surely love the outfits in this new season of BGMI. Players are more excited to open new crates and eagerly wait for new classic and premium crates. When Will Premium Crate BGMI Coming?

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When Will Premium Crate BGMI Coming?

The new BGMI premium crates contain many new outfits and skins. We are sure players gonna like these outfits. So here are some of these outfits to show how the next new BGMI premium crate is going to be.

Let us discuss some of those new outfits-

*Vintage Bard Set-

The new mythic outfit of the premium crate is named the Vintage Bard Set. It is a mythic outfit in which colour with golden coloured highlights. It’s quite pretty and bright, you can see the ribbon also hung at the back of the outfit. You can find this in a new premium crate of BGMI.

*Vintage Bard Cover-

It’s the white coloured cover at the top with golden at the base. A trophy like structure is stuck at the top as you can see in the picture.

*Candle Guardian Set-

It’s purple coloured at the chest with golden designs all over the body set. For most of the part you can see the design on this outfit, looking graceful. There are candles attached to each shoulder. It just gives the feel of a knight soldier. It’s the second legendary mythic outfit of the new premium crate.

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*Candle Guardian Cover-

A golden colour cover covers the face of the character. We can see leaf-shaped things stuck around the cover.

*Golden Spring Barrell Skin-

It’s the green coloured legendary skin with some flowers drawn on it. And some detailing is given by golden colour on it as you can see in the picture.

*Fairyland Helmet-

Green coloured helmet with golden colour borders at the bottom of it.

*Candle Guardian Grenade-

It’s a blue coloured grenade. We can see some flowers are designed with golden colour on it.
You can get these items from the new BGMI upcoming premium crates through UC.

I hope you liked this information about the When Will Premium Crate BGMI Coming.

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