COD Points: Get Free Here COD Points: In this article, we will be discussing in detail the suspicious site that claims to give you free points to play and handheno onesur favorite game. Call of duty (COD) is a very popular game among the young generation.

Mainly in 2021 more of the audience heads towards this COD. To get some good points in the game you always need some access points. So cod points, states that they will provide you with extra points for your game. COD Points COD Points

What are COD Points?

When you are talking about cod points, it is the most popular and talked about the website among the user who played call of duty. It is a game generator where you can generate accessible points. Basically, is a site where users get a chance to try their luck at their own risk. Is it true that code free can provide call of duty account honors in the form of CP for free? Does Aur even cod points website is a scam?

We do not advise you to you go for as it is stated by the call of duty game developer that it is prohibited for its user for using methods that are considered unsafe. There are lots of safe methods and other techniques to get CP for example you can participate in that is widely spread on the internet. By participating in those events you can have prices for many interesting items without buying them with CP. Cod Points: Step to use to get your CP? COD Points COD Points

As mentioned above we do not advise you to use it but at your own risk if you are curious and want to give it a try so here are some basic steps you need to follow.

• Launch a browser and visit the cod points website.


• If you are already on the COD free zone you will see a username box which you must fill in with your call of duty account username.

• After that you press the next button with an arrow.

• Then decide how much CP you want to add to your new account.

• Choose the device you are using

• Press the generate button and wait for the result until you can verify the CP get.

• Perform the verification process

• Now you are good to go.

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Is COD Points Site Legit?

This is the way to test from our opinion it is better if you get CP legally according to the applicable rule from the company. There are risks you take when ordering merchandise from them.

For example: If the order is returned because of an invalid billing address or bank account then that would be one instance where inadvertently receiving a scam product would occur however if you order our lives like it was forced to then what you order wasn’t a scam. COD Points: Positive Highlights 

  • We identified possible adult content.
  • We detected work-related services. COD Points: Negative Highlights

  1. The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
  2. This website has only been registered recently.
  3. This website does not have many visitors
  4. We found many low-rated websites on the same server.


Summing up all the things at the last of this article we have done today in detail about cod points we can just say that it is a site where you can just try your luck on your own risk no one’s advise you to go for it and nobody asks you to use it immediately. If you have any doubt regarding this article you can drop a comment in the comments section.

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