New World Crafting Calculator: Calculate Items

New World Crafting Calculator: In New World Crafting Calculator you can easily calculate how many materials you will be needing to farm to craft any number of items in your game.

You will need to sign in to your account to save your current inventory then you will get to know how many raw materials you will need to farm.

Features Of The New World Crafting Calculator

A new World crafting calculator you got lots of features such as:

  • You get a calculator for your crafting material you can easily calculate the amount for the collected material you have.
  • You can view the alternate recipes on the fly.
  • By using the New world crafting calculator you can calculate how much experience you will gain by crafting.
  • By using the New World crafting calculator you get the chance to see how much experience you need until the next milestone level.
  • On the new world crafting calculator, you can calculate multiple items at one go.
  • The account for all the items is already in your storage when you use the New World crafting calculator.

By using the new World Crafting Calculator you got all the calculations for the item by calculating it. On the official website of New world Crafting Calculator, there is the detail given about the items.

On the official website of New world Crafting Calculator, there is a full item list present. Items like Advanced Repair Kit, AirMote, Air Wisp are present with their Category, Tier, and ingredient types

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For Example:

Air Essence comes in Alchemy and Arcana category. It is an Air Reagents whereas Aged Wood is woodworking.

When you enter the thing which you want to Craft in the box and enter the quantity it will show you the correct ratio.

Like you want to build 12 Amber so we will be needing 36 flawed Amber and 60 earth mote. And you will gain experience of amount 15696. The New World crafting calculator also shows crafting skills.

Complete Crafting Guide

new world crafting calculator
new world crafting calculator

Trade skills

The New World crafting system is broadly broken down into three distinct sections. Gathering refining and crafting. And broadly speaking to get to your short of and crafted product you have to work through all three that is you need to mine iron ore using your gathering skills. Turn this into iron or steel bars at the smelter using your refining skills and then you can craft your sword tools or armor the various workbenches with your crafting skills.

So you normally need to make use and make all three areas. Pure trade skill level in these 3 area will not only determine what you can produce.

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As we mentioned at the start we have the obvious level caps that require you to reach that level before you actually refines certain material. On the top of the right corner of the refining screen, there’s actually a bonus box. This is essentially determined by your level and allows you to get bonus material from a refining operation.


As with refining, it’s not the only level that limits what you can physically craft but the level is also going to be affecting gear score but also material choice has an impact as of, and Park all comes into play probably the more complicated of the crafting section.

To explain this so we can take an example of a bag as you want to upgrade your current setup and make at least one tier 4 bags as you will get the third bag slot opening up it is really important to be upgrading your bags because it really increases the amount you can carry. Particularly once you start to get onto tier 4 and 5 bags.


Summarising All the above article and the and we have discussed the new world crafting calculator its feature and have taken some example to explain it better. By reading this you can easily use the world new crafting calculator and cant build your own weapons and inventory.

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