COD Mobile Zombies Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie

COD Mobile Zombies Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie: Call of duty is the most popular game among the young generation. It is very famous because of its fun-loaded gameplay with the best gun in COD mobile and very interesting missions.

Famous Guns

  • ASM 10
  • Peacemaker MK2
  • DR-H
  • LK-24
  • KN-44

Zombie will be back on demand in COD Mobile Season 6 Undead Siege mode. Call of duty is a game with a multiplayer mode such as a team that matches domination. Shipment, red, and standoff are the kill confirmed on icon maps. It is available on the Play Store Apple store and it’s free to download on both Android and IOS devices

In this article, we will be discussing call of duty mobile zombie kill 5 Heavy gunner zombies. About the missions and rewards + perks after achieving the goal of killing the Heavy Gunner Zombie in Call of Duty.

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COD Mobile Zombie Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie: Complete Now

Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie
Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie

There is one of the missions in which you have to kill five Heavy Gunner Zombies and we have come here with the information about it.

On the third night, fourth night, and fifth night you will find the Heavy Gunner Zombie. Short guns Sniper or death machines are the weapons you can use to kill them fast. To cause damage you can aim at their head and you also can use Crossbow to kill them fast.

You can switch common weapon to green weapon and green weapon to Blue weapon and blue weapon to purple weapon to increase the weapon cause ability.

  • Common weapons are in white colour
  • Uncommon weapons are in green colour
  • Rare Weapon is also of green color
  • Epic weapons come in purple color

Ways to Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie:

Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie
Kill 5 Heavy Gunner Zombie COD Mobile

It’s a heavy task to kill 5 heavy gunner Zombies. You should know the tricks that how to kill them by this you can kill all the five Heavy Gunner Zombie easily.

Where are having gunners generated?

In great spots, you can hundred percent find heavy gunners. You will end in a forest area when you move towards the objective. There will be creepers first you will need to kill them. Move towards the objective after killing all the bunch of creepers all the Heavy Gunner Zombies will generate now kill them.

Now move a bit forward towards the objective. Then hit restart checkpoint and repeat until you get your 10 kills. 20 minutes is the average time you can take to complete the mission and then all reward parks are yours.

Guns to kill heavy gunner Zombies

– Use shotgun to kill your heavy gunner zombie.

– You can go for Sniper also.

– Use the Death Machine to kill your Heavy Gunner Zombie.

COD mobile week 8 missions
  1. Talent level reaches 70
  2. Hit 40 zombies with a vehicle
  3. Win 10 matches in under Siege matches
  4. Login for 3 days in total
  5.  Kill 5 heavy gunner Zombies

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In this article, we read about how to kill 5 heavy gunner zombie in COD. We provided you with the ways to kill the Zombies. We mentioned the best gun in the game. Also, you can change your weapon from white to Purple there are different colours with different weapon abilities.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How many missions are there in week 8 of COD mobile?

There is 5 mission in the COD mobile week 8.

Q2. What are the famous guns to kill the Zombies?

  • Chrysalax Wonder Weapon.
  • Hauer 77. Recommended Hauer 77 Attachments:
  • M16. Recommended M16 Attachments:
  • FFAR 1. Recommended FFAR 1 attachments:
  • Groza. Recommended Groza attachments:
  • OTs 9. Recommended OTs 9 attachments

Q3. In which season does this Zombie Mode activate?.

Season 6 brings the brand-new Undead Siege mode and event, new Multiplayer maps, a brand-new Battle Pass, and more.

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