NBA 2K23 My Wishlist: Know Every Wish

NBA 2K23 My Wishlist: The NBA is a game with the concept of basketball and its base is like the real game. The graphics, features, interface, and many more of the game are really exciting and happening. The game had a huge audience mostly covered by teenagers. The game had a lot of stuff and other things to enjoy and have more fun. It’s too good to play.

NBA 2K23 My Wishlist is one of them. But many didn’t like some things regarding this and there are wish lists for it which are appropriate to say. These wish lists are not made by the noob Or any beginner, it was made with the experience got from the game. The wish list contains a number of usual and must need things to see. To get these and in order to understand these, you must have to see the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist for the game. You have to read it thoroughly to understand each statement. Let’s go through the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist further.

NBA 2K23 Release Date Features
NBA 2K23 My Wishlist

NBA 2K23 My Wishlist

The wishlist with the number of points will be given by us only in this article. There will be a number of points to see and decide your NBA 2K23 My Wishlist for the game. You must see all the wishlist points carefully and add them wisely. Let’s see the lists made from the thorough research and long-time players’ experience.


Points of the NBA 2K23 Wishlist

Here are the points or ideas for the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist, Read and choose them wisely.

  • Should check the glitch and problems
  • This is the first wish of the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist Before release they should have checked or verified the glitches and problems in the game Or in the player.
  • This is damaging the game and players have problems while playing.
  • It disturbs the flow completely while playing. It leads to one side exploitation with the glitches.
  • The game will fit only for gamers if these glitches are solved by them without any delay.
  • They should check it before releasing the new ones or updates. You are reading the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist article.

Spam Stealers

This is the second wish of the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist. The spam stealers should be eliminated and removed from the game for a better experience and full enjoyment. There are many players who always spam all day and resist the many functions. They spam and put the benefit in the winning. It is totally unacceptable and we should do something about it for fair play.

NBA 2K23 My Wishlist

Bring 4*4 and 21

This is the third wish of the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist. This feature must be included in the game. It will add fun and excitement for the gamers. These courts must be brought back for the best of the game. It can never be taken out from the arena. It will also be good for those who play these games randomly and for a short time. So bring these 4*4 back. You are reading the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist article.

Bring 3 seconds defense

This is the fourth wish of the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist. Developers must bring back the 3-second defense in the game so that the real joy comes. It should come for the offense done as a 3-second penalty. Now they are making them sit outside the game. It is not good for the play. It should be fair.


These are the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist where we told you all the required things and wish you can do it for a better experience. These wishes are best to see and make after through research. We told you all about the NBA 2K23 My Wishlist, read and choose it wisely. These are the ideas we represent in front of you.

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