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BGMI Live Stream ThumbnailBGMI is a very popular game among the young generation. BGMI is now available and accessible to all Indian players. Moreover, all the players of BGMI and PUBG always stay excited to stream their game online and they always try to entertain their audience by streaming.

Pubg market value drop to a very big depth when it got banned in India. It was assumed that PUBG will never return to India when it got banned but when it came across the market there is no difference in the popularity of this game. All the audience get back to this platform as they were earlier.

So in this article, we will be reading about BGMI Live Stream Thumbnails. I will provide you with each and every detail on BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail. Let’s talk about what is the thumbnail?

In simple words, thumbnails are just a turn downed version of any picture that is used to recognize any specific thing just like any game picture or something else. Therefore now we discuss the free copyright BJMI thumbnail.

Free Copyright BGMI Thumbnails

All the gamers and people who are addicted to BGMI are always interested and always keen to obtain free copyright-free BGMI thumbnails for their YouTube videos. We are going to show you various thumbnails for BGMI and  PUBG in this article. So that you can use that thumbnail in your daily life.

We are providing you free copyright thumbnail for BGMI for your YouTube live streaming. You can use them and it is free as mentioned it has no copyright Without further due, let’s start!

BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail
BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail

BGMI Thumbnail For YouTube Live Streamers

YouTube is the platform where all the BGMI Live Stream streamers their videos related to BGMI. So doing this so they need thumbnails for their videos. In this race, Loko is also a preferred platform for the audience. On this platform, you can watch your favorite streamers.

Creating gaming YouTube channels has become the most famous worldwide choice to make profitable employment. It allows people to earn money and spend their life as they wanted to. That’s why when battleground mobile India release this game all the YouTubers sprout like wild mushrooms after a rainstorm.

It’s not that much harder to create a thumbnail than it is shown in images. It is a very easy task if you understood the tips and tricks of creating a thumbnail easily.

Your imagination should be creative and something and an ability to think something new to create a thumbnail which makes your thumbnail more attractive.

BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail
BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail
BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail
BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail

How To Create BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail:

There are several methods that you can use to create your Thumbnail, like a canvas you can use the canvas app for creating your thumbnails for BGMI Live Streaming.

Furthermore, players of BGMl Live Streaming can also use the pre-made or prefab thumbnails which are available on canvas. You can edit that thumbnail by your choice and create a new one for yours. The best thumbnail size for YouTube should be 1380″720. The player should match the size criteria in order to fit the image.

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BGMI Thumbnails moreover play an important part when you are streaming Live on YouTube. It is said that many of the steamers watch your live streaming by looking at your thumbnail and this will make your YouTube algorithm go up.

So it is very crucial to use an interactive and attractive thumbnail. The thumbnail intensity shows that more and more audiences got connected to your channel.

You can use Pixellabs and PicsArt to create your own thumbnail using your smartphones. You can create a beautiful thumbnail by using this app and there is no need for any laptop or PC in this you will be doing this with your smartphone.

Always remember that a creative and attractive thumbnail always attracts the audience to your channel.

Moreover talking about the further points you can use Photoshop to create the thumbnail. Photoshop will give it a more professional look to your YouTube thumbnail. Point to keep in mind that an appealing thumbnail always draws the attention of everybody.

Steps for creating your own BGMI Live Streaming Thumbnails:

Many people think it’s a very big task to create your own thumbnail but as mentioned before it is not a full stop you just need to be focused when designing your own thumbnail for your YouTube live streaming. So here are three steps for creating your own thumbnail.

As I mentioned the app you can use for creating your own thumbnail. So by following these steps you can achieve that.

1. Add character Photo:

– First of all, you need to add your In-Game Character photo to the photo editing app. You can use any character of your choice. You can use your image also by using facecam.

– For creating a gaming background you should have a background photo for that. Then you need to cut down the extra area occupied by your image and adjust it into the background. Now paste it.

2. Add Background Text:

– You also need to add the background text behind the character. For this just click on the text option present in the editing app.

– Now you can use any of the names for your character like their names. Whereas you can also write your YouTube channel name behind the character on the background screen.

3. Add effect, filter, and Text

– To make it look more attractive you need to add some filters to your BGMI Live Stream Thumbnail.

– The filter and the effects will give it a fabulous look and makes your thumbnail more interactive and draw all the attention of the audience towards your YouTube live streaming.

And Olah! Here you go your BGMI Live Stream Thumbnails is ready.


It’s not that much hard to create a thumbnail it’s just like creating a tunnel is equal to creating a banner. All you need to remember is to keep this small thing in your mind before creating the thumbnail like the size of the thumbnail. Once you get used to making BGMI Thumbnails. You will surely succeed and more and more viewers will come across your YouTube channel for Beijing MI live to stream.

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