How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos On Mac

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on Mac: The truth be there are a lot of things that can happen to your file right you delete them, you format your card, something happens to write it but the ultimate question is will I be able to get my files back?

So a true story actually I accidentally formatted my entire SD card. Those are used for professional photo work and I was like I am doomed.

But luckily using some of the methods that I am going to share with you today in this article. I was able to get all my files that and so today I am going to write this article to show how to do the same.

“Hence a pro tip that I have for you real quick is before actually get into this 5 ways to how to recover deleted files on Mac.

You need to stop using the device or the memory card in question immediately and this will reduce the risk of the files being overwritten which will greatly increase the probability of your files being able to be recovered.”

So that’s a real pro tip so now let’s get into the article.

How To Recover Permanently Deleted Photos On Mac
Recover Permanently Deleted Photos On Mac

Are You Still Upset About The Accidentally Deleted Files On Mac?

Well, are you up! Because in this article I am gonna tell you five ways to recover deleted files on Mac even if you have emptied the trash.

5 Working Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on Mac:

  • Use undo option
  • Recover From Recently Deleted Folder
  • Use Mac Terminal
  • User data Recovery Tool
  • Recover From Time Machine Backup
Quick Note:

“Quick note if you just deleted the file then try the first three ways to recover the file easily. But if you or already empty the Mac trash directly jump to method 4th or first.”

Now let’s just begin

1. Use Undo Option

The first way to restore deleted files on Mac is with undo option. This trick seems to be very simple but you need to keep in mind that this process can happen when you took a step directly after the deletion of your files.

Here are the two ways to use the undo option.

  • First simply heads to the edit menu then tap the undo move option that means that option.
  • Directly use the command + Z keys to undo the delete.

2. Recover From Recently Deleted Folder

Okay! the second method is to recover from a recently deleted folder. But keep in mind that this method can only recover photos.

  1. Open the photos app and head to recently deleted.
  2. Now then select the photos that you want to restore to your Mac.
  3. Click the recover button and the file will be restored to its original location that means the file will get stored in your Mac.

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3. Use Mac Terminal

The Third way is using the terminal to retrieve deleted files on Mac.

  1. On your Mac just search for the finder applications utilities.
  2. You need to find the terminal application and launch that.
  3. In terminal command interface Input and execute this command cd .trash.
  4. Next enter the name of the deleted file that you wish to retrieve in this format: my filename ../
  5. Then press the return key. Type quit exiting the terminal app.
  6. Lastly use a finder to locate the restore file in your Mac.
  7. As I have said that the above three methods only work if you haven’t emptied your actress but if you have already done so the next method will help you surely.

4. User Data Recovery Tool

The fourth method is using a Mac data recovery tool called IMyFone AnyRecovery

It’s a really easy and quick fix just let me tell you.

  1. From the official website download any recover for MAC version.
  2. Then launch any recovery on your Mac and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. Then select trash then click on start.
  3. Any recovery will start an all-around scan to find the permanently deleted file on trash.
  4. Wait for a while it may take some time to find out the trash till the scanning process is completed.
  5. Now you will see a list of files that need to be recovered in the left panel of your screen.
  6. Simply choose the files you need and then click on the recover button and it’s done.

Any recovery can also recover deleted files from an SD card USB drive and much other storage.

Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

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5. Recover From Time Machine Backup

Another method to empty trash on Mac is by using time machine backup. This is a built-in feature of Mac OS.

  1. Just connect an external storage device to your Mac and select it as a backup disc full stop then time machine will automatically backup your data on a regular basis.
  2. So if you have a backup you can use it to recover files from your empty trash.
  3. First of all, you need to connect your Mac To The Time Machine backup disk.
  4. Choose the menu bar and click on the time machine to launch it.
  5. Then select the enter time machine.
  6. Now it’s time to scroll just scroll to your desired destination where you get the file when you get the files which you want to restore through a time machine.
  7. If you want to review the files that you have to choose just press the space button.
  8. Once you preview all the files click on the restore button to recover.

All the above 5 ways that I have written in this article are hundred percent safe. Yeah, it can be difficult for you when you are doing it for the first time but once you get habitual toward you will be a pro to get your file back in a short course of time.


Hence, above are the 5 ways to recover deleted files on Mac. It is normal that you have a file gets deleted it can be an accidental event and some other reasons too. But sometimes what happens is you got panicked after deleting the files and at that time you didn’t dissolution.

But by using the ways mentioned above that how to recover the files on Mac you will easily get your deleted files back.

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