How To Make Instagram Reels Using Multiple Photos And Music 2022

 How to Make Instagram Reels with Multiple Photos and Music: Sometimes video did not capture the live movement but the photograph does. But the sad thing is we can’t post that photograph as a story on Instagram cause we want to show the whole scenario.

We need to How To Make Instagram Reels video of that photos so that we can share them on our Instagram page and let them flaunt all over between our peers.

What happens sometimes like Tik Tok and YouTube shorts now Instagram Reels also help you to make a short video using the photograph.

But the thing is most people aren’t aware of the fact that Instagram is providing this service to make Instagram Reels by using multiple photos and music. They only use another video-making app for adding multiple photos and music in a video.

Making Instagram Reels using multiple photos and music can be presented as a slide show.

In this article, I will be telling you how to make an Instagram reel with multiple photos and music.

How To Make Instagram Reels Using Multiple Photos And Music
How To Make Instagram Reels

How to Make Instagram Reel Using Multiple Photos

You need to follow some basic steps for this :


First of all jump into the Play Store or Apple store and update your Instagram with the latest version. Make sure you have done this process before doing the editing.


Go back to the Instagram app and click on the camera icon present at the left top side of your phone. You will get the option like the story,  post, reels. The reel option presents at the bottom in between.


At a present tap on the gallery icon at the bottom left corner.

You can choose your desired images from the drop-down menu present on the left side named recent.

From here you can choose the photos and videos from a specific album.


Tap on your desired folder like favorite selfies and select the photo you want to add to your reel.


Instagram provides you with the option to set the time duration for your particular photo so you should select the preferred timing for you. To do so drag the sides of the slider and reduce the time.

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Now tap on the add button which is present at the upper side of the screen. This will add the photo to your reel.

For adding more photos you will be doing this cap mentioned above again and again.


Now add the music into your video by tapping on the audio button present on your left side in the reel section.

The audio button will be looking like this (🎵).


To review your video tap on the preview button now you can see the result will stop you can add text effect stickers for voice over your video as your choice.

And bravo you are done!

Instagram Reels provide 15 seconds for stories. But if your video extends to more than 15 seconds like 30 seconds or 60 seconds so it won’t be uploaded as a story on your Instagram. So you need to take care that you should reduce the timing of every photograph in your video.

How To Make Instagram Reels Using Multiple Photos And Music
How To Make Instagram Reels

Add effects to still photos for Instagram reels.

If you think that the video that you prepared from the photos is looking quite boring and you want to make it interesting and give it aesthetic look and want to add an animated effect then you can follow these steps.

  1. You need to select the photo in the Instagram story.
  2. Now tap on the effect icon will be looking like (✨) this. Once you get their appropriate effect for your photograph now select that a hidden button.
  3. After doing this stuff like adding your desired effect to your photo.
  4. Press the download icon and save it in your gallery.
  5. Now you can use that image when you are making videos by selecting photos on Instagram.


I hope after knowing all this process you will be able to make Instagram Reel with multiple photos and music. Creating Instagram Reel by using your photo can be a fun activity.

After posting it on your Instagram you will get extra attention from your audience. Once you get the process understood by yourself then you can do all the things easily.

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