How To Add Sticker Links To Instagram Stories

How To Add Sticker Links To Instagram Stories: A link is something that provides information some carry details, some take you to another platform like music, art, YouTube channels, etc.

In this article, we will be reading about how to add sticker links to your Instagram stories. Just wanted to share some information with everyone like some websites, some important links, and wanted to add sticker links to Instagram stories?

But don’t know how to do it I got the solution for you.

What is an Instagram Link Sticker?

Add Sticker Links To Instagram Stories
Add Sticker Links To Instagram Stories

Earlier the Instagram has a swipe-up feature in it but as of now, Instagram introduced the link sticker in the market. It replaces the swipe-up feature.

Swipe up feature is that some of the Instagrammer add to their story. And if you want to share some information regarding the YouTube channel any music or something like that so they just put that swipe-up notification on their stories.

By swiping up on the screen you directly land on the website they wanted to show you it can be a YouTube channel or a music video for something else.

If you want to seek the attention of everyone on your Instagram to some external content you can use the links sticker it is the easiest way.

How to Add Sticker Links to Instagram Stories:

The good news is here for you, Instagram recently introduced this feature for all the followers on Instagram that you can add links to Instagram stories.

Earlier this feature was accessible to Limited Instagrammer but now it’s available for all. Instagram finally has a brand new update where you can add a link sticker from Instagram to another website or YouTube video.

Now it’s available to every single account regardless of how many followers you have. Before the time you had to have 10,000 followers to get this option now it’s available to everyone.

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Let’s jump into it and know how exactly we can get the link sticker on Instagram stories.

First, jump into the App Store on the Google Play Store and update your Instagram app. As I am writing this article this to let you know about all the process clearly and you will be able to understand it very easily.

Wherefore at present make that update and jump into Instagram App. After you make the update and you’re gonna go to account.

Steps to follow: 

  1. First of all, click your profile icon present on the upper left side of your Instagram.
  2. You will jump into the Instagram story and take a picture or you could click over the photos and add from your gallery too by choosing it from the (+) icon present there at the left bottom.
  3. Add you’re exciting pictures on your phone. You can also use the video if you press and hold.
  4. Now Instagram no longer has a swipe-up link before there was a link option here where you get a swipe-up link.
  5.  Now it’s a sticker (📑) if you press this sticker icon you are gonna search for this thing called link sticker or you could search for it.
  6. Then if you don’t search it is just rolling out down there.

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So if you are doing this early that’s why you don’t see it. Otherwise, it’s available to every account. You do not need 10000 followers on Instagram to choose this option and all you need to do on this page is only need to type in a website URL. 

If you type that out right there and press enter in it shows up on your page just like that you wanted to share it. You could tap it to get a couple of different views font out of it as well the different colors and then you could resize it too.

To put it somewhere within your image just drag them to your desired location. At present you can just tap on the story button now you can send it to everyone you want and post it on your story then tap on Story and it’s done.

Advantages of Link Sticker Over the Swipe-up Feature!

  • Link sticker is a very cool way to add a link to a new music question location and poles etc.
  • Sticker allows more creative control over story looks.
  • This link sticker will make the user more attentive towards the story and grab more attention towards the story.

Who can use an Instagram Link Sticker?

Add Sticker Links To Instagram
Add Sticker Links To Instagram Stories

October 2021 was the date when this feature came into the market. But as of now, it is a rollout across a billion accounts so it will take time to spread this feature all over the world. Many people complain that they still don’t have this feature popping in their seeds.

So the advice for this is to keep your Instagram up-to-date and keep updating it in a course of time and soon you will get this feature and your Instagram.

How to Customize your Instagram link Sticker Design!

So if you want to add some static touch to your sticker link, good news for you can customize your sticker link as you want.

Steps to follow:
  • Create an Instagram story.
  • Add an article link to your photo by following this step mentioned above.
  • Open a design of your choice.
  • Designer sticker of your choice that it should be pleasing your eyes with a cleared CTA liked a read more etc.
  • Now export it to your phone as a PNG file(should be the transparent background).
  • Now go back to the Instagram story go in draught and shows that story at that customer sticker to your photo.
  • Now put the customized sticker over the link sticker.

Ola! It’s done!

You will get a satisfying aesthetic look to your story and the link sticker also.


Summarising the articles. Hence I gave each detail about how to add a link to your Instagram story how to give a static look to your sticker link. Sticker link is a very cool feature that Instagram introduced in the market after the Instagram real.

You just need to be careful and here you go you can make the sticker link attractive. And also you can drag extra attention by adding this like you can share your favorite website with each and everyone you can share some Informatics thing with your friends and audience.

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