Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022: Full Information

Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022: Pokemon Go, one of the most popular games among teenagers, has arrived with the new year challenge. This time they had launched the new game tasks with a lot of rewards in them. If you want to complete the task then you have to encounter some things like Hoothoot, Wobuffet and after that, you can get all the party caps. It’s available for a limited period of time and you should do it as early as you can. If you guys want to know about it more and also other details then you have visited the right place. We will tell you about the Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022. We will give all the details, steps in a single place so that you should not make an effort to gather all the information. The Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022 is here to help you out with your queries. Let’s see the details further.

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Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022

Niantic followed its ritual of celebrating the eve of the new year with the limited edition event to excite its fans. You have to complete the various events for the rewards which are big and great. Let’s see the Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022. These are time-based events. There are various steps in the tasks for which you will get the rewards. There is a total of 4 steps.

Limited Research Pokemon Go

First Step

  • Catch the 10 Pokemon means the 10 poke balls
  • You have walk for 1km – 250 stardust
  • Then make 5 curveball throws – 5 Razz Berries
  • The rewards you will get for it is Hoothoot Encounter, 500Stardust, and 2022 XP. This is the first step with the rewards.

Second Step

  • You have to catch the 7 species of the Pokemon fully different – 5 great balls
  • The second one is Hatch a pokemon Egg- 1000 stardustEvolve 3 pokemon- 5 nana berries
  • The rewards for the same are Pikachu Encounter, 500 stardust, and 2022 XP

Third Step

  • There will be Power up Pokemon 5 times you have to collect- 5 Pinap Berries
  • Then you have to use the 5 Berries to help catch pokemon- 500 XP
  • Earn the 5 hearts with your buddy- Wurmple Encounter.
  • The rewards for the same are 1 poffin, 500 stardust, 2022 XP

Fourth Step

  • The last step for the event is
  • Make 5 great throws- 5 Ultra Balls
  • You have to earn a candy walking with your buddy – Wobbuffet encounter
  • You have to Send the 5 gifts to friends- Kings rock
  • The rewards for the same are the Slowpoke encounter, again 500 stardust, and 2022 XP.
  • You are reading the Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022 article provided with all the details.
  • Limited Research Pokemon Go

      Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022

Pokemon Go New Year 2022 Field Research Tasks
There are some Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022 where you have to spin some Pokestops in new years events. This is a Field Research task that will help you to get greater rewards.

  • Catch the 5 Pokemon – Hoothoot Encounter
  • Catch 10 Pokemon- Bulbasaur, Squirtle Encounter
  • Catch 15 Pokemon- Slowpoke Encounter
  • They all were wearing special costumes for new year’s eve.

Pokemon Go New Year 2022 Event Special Features

There are special events with special features in them. There will be many things like the special load costume with the Pokemon to get an edge in the wild, in the raid battles, and the hatching of the eggs from a 7km distance. Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022 had come with surprises.

There is also great news for the shiny hunters that on new year’s eve they get a chance to get the regular shiny Hoothoot cap if they complete the given task on time. Shiny Hoothoot had made a debut and you can encounter it with the hat and if won you will get that. There are some bonuses and other things which you can check on the game itself. It’s a great opportunity to complete as many tasks as you can and collect the given rewards in the game.

This is the Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022 and you can get the whole information about the Limited Research Pokemon Go 2022 in it.

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