How to Record Voice Call on WhatsApp: Tricks and Tips

How to Record Voice Call on WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the best messenger app in the world today time. It was acquired by Facebook and widened its approach to the globe. WhatsApp had a lot of features with messages, calls with video, and payment methods also. It had billions of plus downloads and was loved by all. This is safe and encrypted from both ends of chat done by the people.

There are many hidden features in the app which are known by less but they existed. If you guys also want to know about them read this article. There is a call record possible in Whatsapp which gives the people the option of How to Record Voice Call on Whatsapp.

Call recording is important for some people for their business and other requirements. So this recording of Voice Call in WhatsApp will be helpful for them. We will help you guys by telling you the tricks or ways of How to Record Voice Call on Whatsapp. So let’s start the article with the ways.

How to Record Voice Call on Whatsapp

How to Record Voice Call on WhatsApp
How to Record Voice Call on WhatsApp

These methods are totally safe to use. You don’t have to pay anything for this. It’s totally free tricks to use. You just have to do some settings and efforts and you will be able to How to Record Voice Call on Whatsapp. We will give you the best information for the recording without any false source things.

Tips and Tricks to Record

There are some ways to get the recording done on the Whatsapp call. We will tell you the details of each trick and you can choose that according to your choice and convenience. The ways are:

Using another device

This is one of the simple methods you can use without any effort. You must have another device for it. When any call occurs just put it on speaker and start the recorder on another device. This will help you to get the whole call on record.

If the recorder of the phone doesn’t work or has some issues then you can download or install the application of any voice recorder and use it for the recording of Whatsapp Audio calls. This method is simple and safe to use. This is the first step of How to Record Voice Call on Whatsapp.

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Third-Party Apps

There are many apps available on the Google Play store to record the audio calls of WhatsApp without any other device. It will let you get the recording at the same time on the same device. This method needs to install the recording apps so that audio will be caught by the phone of the conversation.

There are some fake apps that didn’t work. Just be aware of them. You can choose the apps by reading the reviews and seeing the downloads. This app works on a UI method and doesn’t need any effort from your end. You have to just start the button before the conversation and your call will be recorded and get to Google Drive.

You can also set the safety measures like app lock, fingerprint, etc. so that no one can get to your call recordings. If you haven’t used these kinds of apps then we will also tell you the steps of how to use them. Let’s see the steps how to use the apps

  • Install the Record Whatsapp Call app on your device.
  • Then after it opens the app and gives access to the various permissions like calls, contacts, etc. for proper functioning.
  • Then you have to access the notifications also so that when calls come, it will automatically start recording without any further process.

These are the steps you can use for the app to record the audio call.

This is all about How to Record Voice Call on Whatsapp. We had given the whole details about the How to Record a Voice Call on Whatsapp.

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