Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark 2022

Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark:  Most of the people today, are using social media. Especially the young generation. Today it’s like 8 out of 10 person are using social media which is a quite big ratio.

As its my first article for 2022 so it should be special.

So today, in this article we will be talking about a very interesting topic. I bring to you the most problematic questions in a past few months.

Let’s talk about Tiktok everyone knows what news about Tik Tok. Basically Tik Tok is a video making app through which youngster make videos like entertainment videos , comedy videos, drama videos,  romantic videos , and many more. But what happened last year. Due to conflict between two Nations Tik Tok got banned in India.

So many of the influencers became worried about that. Because Tiktok somehow became the source of income for them. After Tiktok got banned in India many of the influencers Lost their jobs.

Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark
Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark

Due to this Instagram took advantage of this problem. Previous year in 2020 Instagram launched Instagram reels in the social media market and this became very famous and popular among the influencers like Instagram reels is just like Tik Tok. Anyone can make latest reels.According to their interest like comedy drama romance and etc.

Instagram reels has many features like there are thousands of filters thousands of Music and thousands of other things.

So now let come to the topic. Like you are just scrolling on Instagram and you got a very interesting video then what do you do simply you will download it. If you want to share it you will definitely going for downloading it. The real problem comes here.

Venue simply download the reels by by posting it on Instagram in your stories and it got downloaded in your gallery it contains the watermark but sometime what happened you don’t want watermark in your desirable video so what to do then.

Hence, here I get the solution for you.

It’s natural have you think to remove watermark from your desirable reels. You just need to have any one of these two application in your phone for downloading the reels without watermark.

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#1 Application: Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark

Downloader for Instagram

. Where for this is the first App for downloading the reels without having any watermark of Instagram.

I am providing the link for the app here so you can just directly download it from Play Store.

Accordingly now we will be knowing about how to remove watermark by using this app.

Steps to follow.

– First you need to open your Instagram in your smartphone.

– Now just go for the video which you want to download.

– No there is a three dots present in your left hand side down there. Click on that.

– No you will be clicking on copy link.The link will get copied in your clipboard.

– Now just get back to the downloader application.

– First of all you need to signing into the app enter your email id. And choose your desirable password.

– At present the link will directly fast in the the box.

– You just  need to click on download and the downloading process for your favourite reel will get start.

– Just be patient with the process downloading process will depend on the internet connectivity you have.

– Once done you will get the notification that your reel has been downloaded and exported in your gallery.

– Now head to the gallery and you can check your reel has been downloaded there and it doesn’t contain any watermark in it.

#2 Application: Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark

Reels Video Downloader:

So next we have Reel Video Downloader stop very good half for downloading your Heels without getting any watermark in it. You can download any of the reels as you want. So as before I am providing you a link for the app. Wherefore you can download directly from Play Store.

– Now first you will be downloading this app and signing it with your email id and set your desirable password in it.

– Now for downloading your reel open your Instagram in your Smartphone.

– Go to the reel section. Select your favourite reel which you want to download.

– Now the process is very easy. You will be clicking on the three e dots present at the left bottom side.

– Copy the link of the reel.

– So you need to go to the app now. Copied add link in the box.

– Now click on download and the downloading of your favourite reel get start.

– Downloading process get done you will get the notification that you are deal has been downloaded and exported in your gallery.

-Now you can check there will be no watermark in it.


Today provided you to apps from there you can download your desired reels in your gallery and share it with your friends and family. Moreover you can use that in as your WhatsApp status and your Facebook story also.

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