SBI 001 Technical Error Solution – Complete Guide

SBI 001 Technical Error Solution: In today’s article we will be reading about SSBI 001 Technical Error Solution. So uses of SBI yono. Swadesh’s new update of SBI yono became a very big problem for their users. So increasing their cybersecurity and to make the decrease in cyber fraud with people SBI especially took our security stepped in their digital platform SBI yono.

So because of this SBI yono technical error when the user tries to login into their account and tries to register on it an error message like SBI 001 Technical Error Solution appears on the screen that stops their work on the digital platform.

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So let’s know about SBI 001 Technical Error Solution?

So basically it’s an extra security layer that is released by the State Bank of India. This layer is presented because there is a sudden increase in the online fraud of SBI you know. Menu of request work coming from the user that their money has been withdrawn by the clone a the fraud.

So far this SBI present a similar lock facility. SBI to the initiative. Subah Se Ke Liye dasvin by which you are registered on the SBI you know well particular log in that device that means you will not be able to log in your details with that number on another device.

SBI 001 Technical Error Solution
SBI 001 Technical Error Solution

So you will be running your SBI yono app on a particular device in which you are same has been locked.

Selected everyone uses dual sim phones. So if you put the SIM which is registered in your SBI yono account in the second sim slot then this error message will appear on your screen for sure.

Because after every login for security the message will be sent to you know branch will be by sim 1 so this process will be failed. This is because when you send a request the SIM slot will be different and the receiver you will get different.

This problem became a headache for many people as they are continuously having this problem.

As I said earlier changing your sim slot can be a reason for this problem. So far this solution to do is put your sim in the first slot as the default settings are being saved in any Yono app.

The most important thing to keep in mind is always to keep the outgoing services of your sim open. There are many plants that provide free outgoing services for your sim by which you get unlimited dated and unlimited SMS.

SBI you know authenticate this process by internal messages to it is very important to keep your outgoing services working. Send this if you are not able to access the early going services you will not be able to access all the requests.

SBI 001 Technical Error Solution
SBI 001 Technical Error Solution
There is two processes for correcting this SBI yono error:

Show the direct solution for this problem always keep your battle and mobile number SIM in slot 1.


Remember to keep the outgoing SMS service is working on your mobile phone their validity should not as if I ever. Make sure they always stay in our king Manner.

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