Best Blogging Platform To Make Money 2022

Best Blogging Platform To Make Money 2022:  In today’s date blogging is the most popular and trending thing among the generation. And if you are not aware of it let me inform you that because of blogging, people who start blogging are touching Heights. People earn a very high amount of payment through blogging.

In today’s article. We will be telling you some popular and best blogging platforms from where you can earn money and start your career as a beginner.

Like if you are thinking to start your career to blogging is a good way to get started and kick off your career. And earn money by doing some hard work. There are some tips for the Best Blogging Platform To Make Money 2022.

Best Blogging Platform To Make Money 2022
Best Blogging Platform To Make Money 2022

Best Blogging Platform To Make Money 2022

#1 Platform

The question is how to open so simply go to your Google app and type after typing directly device site will get open.

After opening a Blue button will appear with the name get started click on that. Normally sign in to the account by your email ids. So here are you need to create a new site click on that. After that, there will be to option present there.

There will be to option available for you that is let fixes and I create a website for you. Or create your website with the editor. So we will be going for choose template.

In this, you will get thousands of templates if you are willing to make a live log you can go with this one.

You can edit view any of the templates. You will get business recording education regarding templates over there.

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#2 Platform

After typing on Google the site will directly open onto your desktop. After that you have to click on start your site then you have to type any website name.

Then you will get an option of the free and paid versions. If you have money and you want to enjoy more features then you can pay some money for that. There are minimum charges for or part of WordPress.

Record of .org version WordPress is a website builder. So you to see in a lot of tutorial video like with buying.

For example, start with a blue dart you can build your WordPress-powered website. People get confused about what we are talking about

Best Blogging Platform
Best Blogging Platform To Make Money 2022
What is

So it is just full access to WordPress but you are on your way to stop a specific shared server. It’s a combination of web hosts.

The premium plans are ok with WordPress. You can enjoy 1000 templates presented there and if you are willing to pay you can buy the plans at a minimum price.

Show the main difference between and is WordPress is. Outlined to make a free blog. It has the popularity of 34% whereas is outlined to download the software freely.

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#3 Platform


This is absolutely not a bigger website. Blogger platform. It this kind of basic depending on what you need and if you just trying to create a blog post of it can be very useful to use blogger because it’s completely free first of the only thing you have to pay for as is a domain name so if you go to what you are gonna need is a Google account so you can sign in to your Google account first.

#4 platform

Next, we have I will suggest square shapes for a big University website that wouldn’t make sense. Square space is best for small websites for portfolio blocks, podcasts, small businesses, churches, restaurants, weddings, and many more. The editor can be used for music editing and many more.

#5 Platform

So last we have it we can describe it as an alternative to is a free platform for blogging. You can set up a website. And you can customize your domain name. It is very easy to handle. You can get very nice videos, audio, chat, etc on

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