How to Monetise YouTube Channel: Best Trick

How to Monetise YouTube Channel: YouTube is the mecca of videos. It is the best video streaming platform in the whole world. People post their videos and get likes and comments as a reaction of the people. If the video gets success then the video maker will get money according to its views and other measuring things. But the question is how to Monetise YouTube channels? Is there any way to get it easily?

YouTube also provides perks like YouTube buttons according to the popularity you are gaining and other rewards for the content you posted. If you are also interested in this and uploading the videos for the blogging or any other person and also want to get money then we are here to tell you guys how to Monetise YouTube channel. It is simple for those who have great content for posting. So let’s start with how to Monetise YouTube Channel.

How to Monetise YouTube Channel

How to Monetize YouTube Channel
How to Monetize YouTube Channel

There are many ways and tricks to get money through Youtube. How to Monetise Youtube Channel questions will be answered by us only in this article. So please read it carefully to get the full insight into your query. There are some rules which you have to follow as quality criteria to earn money

The rules are as follows:

  • You should have at least 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Your Content should have 4000 Watch time Hours over the past 1 year.
  • Should agree to all the policies and guidelines.
  • Also, you should create your AdSense Account.

These steps or rules should be followed for the monetization of your YouTube channel. In this way, you can start earning for your YouTube channel. The ways How to Monetise your YouTube channel are here.

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Youtube Partner Programs

This is the first and basic concept you have to complete and remember fully for monetization. How to Monetise your YouTube Channel mainly works on this. It’s usually called YPP. It stands on 4 conditions. Let’s see them, the first one is that you should have at least 1000 YouTube followers. It’s a clear-cut condition to follow.

The second one is that your videos should have 4000 hours of watch time over the past 12 months meaning the people have watched the video and the sum of it should be 4000 plus. In this, some videos are excluded and their timings also so you have to take a look at that also.

Unlisted videos, Advt. Campaigns, YouTube shorts, and others come under this which shows the strict restrictions under this. If you are unable to do that you are removed from YPP. Even if one condition didn’t occur then also you are removed so it’s a must thing to complete.

Track the Progress

This is also a way How to Monetise your YouTube Channel. Sometimes you get to mark but don’t get that due to a hectic schedule and unawareness. So you can check the progress of your YPP. It is so easy to check without any big process. The steps are:

  • Sign in to YouTube and get to YouTube studio
  • Tap on Monetisation in the menu.

In this way, you can track your progress. After the check you will get the stats if you get eligible for that then the blue button will come under this and click on it as apply now. For some fast track, you can download some apps which will tell the exact views time and other stats which will help you to get the early YPP completion. They will tell you the last 48 hours, record the number of views, etc. The app for this is video. You are reading the How ToM Monetise Your YouTube channel.

Avoid Mistakes

Monetize YouTube Channel
How to Monetize YouTube Channel

Sometimes people make mistakes due to which they harness their YPP and don’t get the offer to monetize their thing. So these types of mistakes should be avoided so that you can easily monetize the process. It is also a way to Monetize your YouTube channel.

The copyright policy of youtube is so strict and it should be kept in mind while making the videos. If you steal someone’s content and make a video on that then it will be deleted by YouTube and also you will get in trouble for making the copied video. They will remove you from YPP and automatically cancel your monetization. If you want to get the YPP then use

  • Original Content
  • Didn’t copy anyone
  • Share true stats

Youtube takes a hawkeye on these things because they want to get only original content without any false method for their platform. So every YouTube channel must take care of it because if youtube finds this type of thing they will immediately cancel your YPP and make a query on you.

Youtube always wants and tries to protect the original content of others to get consecrated. That’s why Youtube is known for. You are reading the ways to get How to Monetise your YouTube Channel solution in easy ways.

Link AdSense

It is one of the most important steps for How to Monetise Your YouTube Channel. After YPP’s successful entrance and completion of all the measures, you will have to apply for an AdSense Account. Through it, you will have the opportunity for the monetization of the account.

If you have multiple channels then you don’t have to open the AdSense Account for all different channels. You just need one to get the stuff. This is all about the AdSense Account. You must have to apply for an AdSense Account to get the money. This is important for the How to Monetise your Youtube channel step for all the people who want to get this.

It can also be possible that you will get rejected for the monetization then don’t worry use these steps or ways if it is fulfilled then you have to see the policies and regulations provided by youtube for the youtube channels. Because sometimes something was left under this and didn’t get the YPP for that. You must see those.

We have provided all the ways and tricks to use for the How to Monetise your Youtube channel. These are simple and easy tricks. Anyone can use this without any technical problems.

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