How To Make Streak On Snapchat 2022?

How To Make Streak On Snapchat: In today’s article, I will tell you how to streak on Snapchat. And many more things and facts.

First of all, let me start off by explaining to you what Streaks means?

A streak on Snapchat is when two people snap at each other for three or more three continuous days on Snapchat. The more snap is sent to each other the longer the stronger the streak will become.


If you and your friend want to start a streak and order to start a streak tap open your Snapchat. Sign in to your account. In order to start this trick, you will need to ask for it first. Otherwise, the contact won’t know whether you want to start it or not.

Here Some Ways to Ask Someone for a Streak.

  1. You can send a message asking for it. Open any contact and type in do you want to start a streak. Then send it to your contact. You can only send it to the contact you already are friends on.

2. Another way you can start a streak is to add a story with the text streaks. Click any picture you would like and type in streaks place it on your story where want to do it and once you are done.

Tap on done to or post it on your story. If any one of the malls to do Street with you they can respond directly to your story.

3. If someone responds that they want to speak with you. Then you will need to send them a snap or you can send them a video snap.

Simply open Snapchat and tap on the camera icon and take a photo or video. Once you are done tap on send to at the bottom right now select the person that you want to send the snap to.

Pulse you select the person Tap on the send button for a stop when the scent is snap you will see a message delivered message status over there.

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How to Increase Snapscore on Snapchat:

1 For this you don’t need any two apps. You need to have a regular Snapchat app on the app store.

2 First of all sign in to your Snapchat account.

3 Easiest way to increase your snap score is to find people and subscribe to their Snapchat stories.

Now all have to do is.

4 Just take a snap and send it over to every person that you added right now.

You can probably increase your Snapchat score by 150 or if you do it faster maybe 250 in 1 minute.

So more people you are is gonna be better if you can add more people. It’s totally up to you but this is just to demonstrate what you can do and how you can increase your Snapchat score.

Tips & Tricks on How To Make Streak On Snapchat

How To Make Streak On Snapchat
How To Make Streak On Snapchat

So, the well-known fact is that sending a snap to your friend when we make a streak with them.

– So you see your number with a 🔥 emoji next to the person’s name. So what about changing the streak 🔥 with any other emoji. Yes, you can do it by going into Snapchat settings to stop browsing a bit and you will see an option name customized emoji.

– From here you can change your streaks emoji to any other emoji you want.

– The strick is to find the total number of Snap you have sent and received to date. For this just go to your profile and click on your snap score.

Here you will see the total number of Snap you have sent as well as received to date on your Snapchat account.

– Third is the scanner of Snapchat just open the snap camera and hold it for a while and while you will see that it started scanning. While using it you can find a dog breed name of any music 1-hour model and also it says that you can solve math problems well in my test it works pretty well.

– The fourth one is sending snap individually to everyone at once for this just click on snap and on the sand snap button then in the upper section you will find an option name shortcut. Click on that and then you can add as many as friends you want in a particular shortcut and then whenever you have to send any snap to everyone in just one selection just click the snap and select the shortcut emoji. By this, you can send the snap to everyone in just one go.

– The fifth one is sending a camera roll media as a normal snap not in that chat way but this you will have to search for a filter name camera roll. Just select it and within the filter, you have an option to select the camera roll media. Just select the pic and then press the shutter button full stop and send it to anyone just like a normal snap.

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