Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle

Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle:   Almost after 200 rule, India got independence on the 15th of August 1947. People who stood against the British rule but how many do you know.

Thanks to the power of cinema we have come to know about Bhagat Singh and Mangal Pandey. But there were so many freedom fighters whose Tales of heroism have somehow gotten erased from the pages of history.

In this article, we are dedicating this article to those hundred on thousand of Heroes who just don’t get their due. This is in no way are ranking full stop button this article we will discuss some unsung hero of freedom struggle.

Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle:

How many people do we have to thank for our freedom how many people sacrifices do we need to acknowledge when we see the tricolor flying high?

1. Vanjinathan

Vanjinathan is popularly known as Manji. He has an Indian thermal Independence activist.

He is best to remember for having shot dead Ash, the district collector of terminal Valley. Boys were also known as collector Durai in 1911.

He shot as at point-blank range. When ash’s range has stopped at the manual’s station, he committed suicide thereafter.

The railway station has since been named Vincy mariachi in his suicide note Hero 2000 mother Saas has taken about to kill George 5 as soon as he lands in our country to make other non-intention.

And the least in the company have done this dead this day this rattled the Britishers.

Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle
Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle

2. Vvs Iyer

A barrister who was fluent in Latin English French and German was a Revolutionary. When he was practicing law in London he met Veer Savarkar worker in the Indian house.

Under Savarkar’s influence, he begins to take an active role in the militant struggle for Indian Independence.

Apart from being the brain behind the murder of ash, he motivates many to fight for Indian Independence is close.

It was the great Tamil poet Subramanyam party and Aurobindo who he met in Pondicherry. Also then wrote several short stories books and also translated Thirukural in English apart from being the editor of the newspaper Basa bhakti.

He was arrested in 1921 on return charges and spent nine months in prison while in prison. He wrote a book of study cumber are mine.

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3. Tirot Singh

Tirot singh is also known as u Tirot Singh he was one of the pioneers of North East India who started the war against the British.

He opposed British rule in Khasi hills but unfortunately, his name is not mentioned in any history book. 90% of Indian people know his name as a freedom fighter.

More about Tirot Singh

He was one of the unsung North Eastern heroes of India but he opposed Colonial rule at a time when people were not even aware of the consequences of British rule.

He understood their motto and started the war against them which was named as Anglo Kasi War.

The first appeal was a courageous leader of the Kasi people who fought against the powerful armed forces with some native weapons like sword shares staff nice and bows and arrows.

He kept them aware for 4 years before he was finally captured in 1833 is The anniversary is commemorated every year as youth u tirot sing day and is a state Holiday Inn Mahlo.

4. Surya Sen

Surya Sen was the chief architect of the uprising against the Britishers in the Gunj. The uprising under his leadership was one of the most organized armed uprisings that India so during the freedom struggle.

Along with the colleagues malsan lokenath , Bal Ganesh, Ghosh announced Ambika Chakravarti and 54 teenager post of suryast and simultaneously attack the British cantonment samurai Telegraph office railway line and European Club on 1 18 April 1930.

This Revolutionary attack aimed to disable all the British resources and make Chitta Ganj independent from the Talent Supremacy even though the mission was successful they go to liberate Sitarganj was short-lived through the British army was filled with the weapon.

It did not have any ammunition despite such misfortunes Surya Sen and his team managed to strike terror in the hearts of British origin and escape to Jalalabad Hills. Those who they ask and divided were arrested and escaped from the eyes of the British soldier. He was finally captured in 1933 and hanged in 1934 but not before he was tortured mercilessly by the British for his doings.

5. Aluuri sitaraman raju

Alluri Sita Rama Raju was an Indian Revolutionary involved in the Indian Independence movement. Raju let the Rampa rebellion of 1922 24 during which a band of tribal leaders and other sympathizers fought against the British raj. He was referred to as Manya m to a hero of the Jungle by the local people. We mainly focus on riding police Stations in and around his forest area stealing guns and ammunition he killed several British army officers including Scott covered but finally he got caught in 1924 when he was just 26 years old he was tied to a tree and short at he is considered a legend in Andhra Pradesh they also celebrate his birthday on 4th July.

6. Batukeshwar Dutt

When he was with Bhagat Singh threw a bomb in the central assembly on April 8, 1929. After Bhagat Singh was sentenced to death batukeshwar Dutt was sent to the cellular jail in Andaman.

7. Captain Lakshmi Sahgal

Lieutenant Hindi Indian national army during World War second she fought alongside Netaji was against the British. She was one of the founding members of the all Indian democratic women Association in 1981. In 1998 she was conferred with Padma vibhushan. Captain Saigal also constructed in a residential election against Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in 2002.

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