Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate List in India

Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate List in India: Amazon is the biggest company in the world with high revenue and marvelous growth every year. It also has various subsidiaries to give various experiences to its customers. Amazon Music, Amazon Prime, Amazon Store, and many more are there which work under the parent company. Affiliate marketing is the most widely used job for the students to get some income as pocket money. Similarly, the Amazon program is one of them and paid good money by doing some work for the company and getting a commission for it and so here is Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate List in India.


Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate India

Amazon Provides various types of commissions for different products. So, The Amazon Affiliate Commission List in India are:-

SL No. Product Category Commission Rate
1.)  Kitchen Appliances 9%
2.)  Kitchen & Housewares 9%
3.)  Furniture 9%
4.)  Outdoors 9%
5.)  DIYA & Tools 9%
6.)  Grocery 8%
7.)  Pantry 8%

8 Home 6%
9 Baby 6%
10 Automotive 6%
11 Lawn & Garden 6%
12 Sports 6%
13 Televisions 5%
14 Computers 5%
15 Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) 5%
16 Large Appliances 5%
17 Movies 5%
18 Music 5%
19 Software 5%
20 Video Games 5%
21 Books 5%
22 Office Products 5%
23 Industrial & Scientific Products 5%
24 Pet Products 5%
25 Toys 5%
26 Apparel & Accessories 5%
27 Luggage & Bags 5%
28 Watches 5%
29 Shoes 5%

30 Health, Beauty & Personal care 5%
31 Personal Care Appliances 5%
32 Jewellery (Excluding silver & Gold coins) 5%
33 Gourmet 5%
34 Kindle eBooks 5%
35 Mobile Accessories 4%
36 Musical Instruments 4%
37 Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment 2.5%
38 Tyres & Rims 2.5%
39 Data Storage Devices 2%
40 Mobile Phones (Excluded some mobiles) 1%
41 Gold & Silver Coins 0.2%
42 All Other Categories 5%
43 Redmi 9, 9A, 9 Power, Note 9, Redmi Note 10 series 0.5%

The above list is there for different commissions and different products. The highest commision you can get is 9 percent from the selling product. Kitchen Appliances like microwave, refrigerator, chimney and many more things are there. Apart from this there are a number of products bought by the company for 9 percent of commission. Like kitchen accessories. Furniture things like sofa, table etc. and the tools also. You are reading the Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate List in India.

Amazon Business and Amazon Affiliate Commission

This is totally a great opportunity for youngsters who have wide contacts or who want to get themselves communicated. This job will give you some money earned by yourself as a petty income.

The lowest commision is on some gold and silver items which is like 0.2 percent. You can also get commission from phones but some cases are excluded as on mobiles of series 11 redmi. Other than these you will get about 0.5 to 1 percent of commision. The commission list covers most of the products available with Amazon on its store and also the products sold by them beside the store.

Some items are not allowed for the commission. There are several items like Bill Payment, Flight tickets, Prize Membership, Mi 11 series smartphones, Hardware and software things, Balance on the Amazon app. These are some which are exempted totally from the list.

More Details Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate List

Along with this, you can get some amount of profit from various subsidiaries of Amazon. The demand for these apps are high so this opportunity is a win-win situation to earn money without any effort from you. Prime Membership where you will get Rs. 100 for it. Once the person referred buy the Amazon Prime Subscription you will get your commission.

Amazon business accounts for each form will register through any code the coder will get Rs 200 for it. These accounts when verified you will get your commission. Audible free trial pack here the person will get Rs. 150. Once the person buys the pack the amount will transfer to your account.

To get into this you will have to fill the form with details and easily become a member. The form will be on the website. This is the whole Amazon Affiliate Commission Rate List in India. You can see the whole commission rate with the products listed on it.

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